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Paint Syndicate

With „Shanghai Kappa Girl“ (content of the exhibition – okk/presentation for media impact), PaintSyndicate presents its newest series, featuring film stills from a Chinese home video. The protagonist of the film, „Kappa Girl“ is filmed on a mobile phone performing a blowjob. She posted the video on the internet where it became a hit. The chinese government censored the film, and Kappa Girl got identified, lost her job in the Kappa store in Shanghai and got prosecuted by the police. PaintSyndicate extracted single images from the video, send them back to China, paid for the reproduction of the images as oil paintings, and re-exported them legally.


With his series Heimatbilder, Huber investigates the problematic issue of German cultural identity. Part of the motifs used in the series are borrowed from the catalogue of the „Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellungen“ (great german art exhibitions) which was the official annual art fair of national socialist Germany in the late 30s and 40s. Fascist paintings produced in communist China and distributed by the laws of global capitalism.

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