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Fremdkörper is an international exhibition project which examines foreigness as a socio-cultural phenomenon in the context of the process of European integration.

The project was initiated and realized by a group of Berlin based artists, migrants of East-European descent, who together with their colleagues, artists from their respective native countries, commen-ced a dialogue. The concept of the exhibition was enlarged thanks to participation of two German artists, who in their works reflected the topic treated in the project from their own perspective.

Against the background of mutual relationship of foreignness and integration the exhibition deals with the phenomena of political and social arrangement and their rules of games, with the changes of geopolitical cartographies, structure of medial truth, reconstruction of remembrances, and with the shifts of identity in perception of alien cultures. An individual artistic language makes it clear how halted time of the process of changes (somewhere between the „not yet torn-away-from-the-old“ and „not-yetarrived- at-the new“) becomes a token of an independent identity, carried by a broadened perspective.

The exhibition in Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin 24.6. – 6.8.2006 is the result and sizing up of a series of exhibitions, which have already took place at five different places in East Europe, corresponding to the native countries of the participants. In every case, up to three local artistcal positions were additionally included into the concept of the exhibition project, in cooperation with the co-curators from the cultural institutions taking part in the project.

The exhibition in Berlin opens new dimensions, born in the process of a whole raw of exhibitions, and presents an accumulation of viewpoints that not only concerns every single participant of this cultural dialogue but also causes an important discussion. Its topic is whether European culture, as a mutual heritage, needs to be redefined anew, and whether it will eventually obliterate all traces of national diversity, or on the contrary, lead to a bright and varied future.


Station 1
Moscow, Russia, April – May 2004, National Centre for Contemporary Arts
Vitaly Patzukov
“Foreign Body” as a model of a new ecology of culture

Station 2
Vilnius, Lithuania, August 2004, Intro Gallery
Arunas Spraunius
The Etymology of Emigration

Station 3
Prague, Czech Republic, December 2004 – January 2005, NoD Gallery
Zuzana Stefková
The tongue of a strange body

Station 4
Trnava, Slovak Republic, March – April 2005, Center of Contemporary Arts
Vladimir Beskid
With strange art in a strange town ...

Station 5
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, April – May 2005, Museum of the City Skopje
Lazo Plavevski
Rough Nuances

Basic Group and Guests


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