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Auction Commitee Wedding
AuktionsKomitteeWedding / (Auction Comittee Wedding)
Stox Market 2013 Athens Greece
OKK Aktionsgruppe / OKK-Actiongroup
Auction for paid work.


Individuals can join and underbid each other competitively, as AKW auctions off the chance to read neoliberal political and economic theory for money. Starting sums are based on minimum wages from the 20 EUR countries (of 27) that have implemented minimum wages from 9 EUR per hour (France) to 2,40 EUR per hour (Czech Republic).

The bidding is open to all people who want to participate, earn money and offer their working power.

The Auction sells text passages from neoliberal theoreticians of the Chicago school, and the contract contains the time reading this passages in public. The performance prevails the same time frame of the opening of the Athens stock market.

This auction works like a mirror of market and will be accompanied by a product campaign. There will also be a Presentation of the OKK - working group during the days of work on „Athens Biennale 4“.


The group consists of following members:
Lisa Glauer (Bauhaus Universität Weimar)
Robert Huber (EGFK - Europäische Gesellschaft für Forschung und Kunst)
Pablo Hermann (OKK-Berlin)
Juan Pablo Díaz (OKK-Berlin)

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